Know Your Options: The Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Regarding "Far Cry" "The Hurt Locker" and Other Movies

Thousands of people throughout the United States have received a letter from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) concerning a subpoena or a demand letter from the legal firm of Dunlap Grubb & Weaver (Thomas Dunlap or US Copyright Group) concerning copyright infringement of one or more movies.

Recently, the adult film industry has followed the U.S. Copyright Group blueprint in identifying “file swappers” and threatening to take legal action against those individuals. The adult film industry is represented by Dunlap Grubb & Weaver, Steele Hansmeier and others.

If you have received a letter from your ISP or a demand letter from DGW or Steele Hansmeier, it is important for you to consult with an attorney regarding your rights and risk exposure in connection with this matter.

White Berberian Negotiations Group invites you to engage our services so that you may resolve this issue quickly and with minimal expense. We will represent you in an effort to negotiate a reduced settlement in this matter and will do so at minimal expense.  While the scope of our representation is limited to negotiating the reduced settlement and assuring the settlement agreement protects your interests, we will also agree to represent you pursuant to a separate agreement and fee arrangement should you desire to fight the subpoena and defend against allegations raised by the producers. 

How To Begin

Once you retain our law firm, we reach a negotiated settlement amount with the producers and their counsel.  While we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, if we cannot negotiate a settlement better than what Plaintiff offered, we will refund your money.

• Step 1. Agree to the Terms of Engagement and submit your contact information and information related to the allegations.
• Step 2. One of our attorneys will contact you via telephone within one business day for a brief discussion and to answer any questions you may have.
• Step 3. Pay via credit card or PayPal our negotiation fee. You can do so directly from this website. Our attorneys will then act on your behalf to negotiate the best possible settlement.

Our representation does not begin until we receive payment.

Engagement Letter

WB's negotiation fee is $500. If we are unable to obtain a settlement better than that which you were offered, we will refund your money. As noted above, our fee only covers settlement negotiations.

We always endeavor to achieve a successful result, but we can make no guarantee or warranty as to the outcome of a particular legal controversy or issue.
One lawyer will generally be assigned primary responsibility for seeing that your requests for legal services are met, but additional lawyers or personnel may assist in providing appropriate and efficient legal services.

You agree that any dispute related to fees or other charges from the firm shall be submitted to fee arbitration through the State Bar of Arizona.
These terms shall constitute the entire agreement between us concerning the engagement and shall not be modified or supplemented, except in a subsequent writing signed by the parties.

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WB Negotiations Group is a practice group of White Berberian PLC, a full service, Arizona-based law firm servicing clients across the United States. WB Negotiations Group specializes in reaching negotiated settlements on behalf of clients targeted for copyright infringement.


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